Auto Interior Cleaning

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Keeping your auto interiors clean can be challenging if you don’t know how to do so or with what cleaning solutions. For auto interiors, not any cleaning wipes or standard household cleaners can be used, as your car is comprised of different interior surfaces, textures, and fabrics. Therefore, it’s crucial that you have the help of an expert who can safely and adequately remove all dust, stains, and buildup from your car’s interior without damaging them further or ruining your car’s appearance.


Auto Interior Upholstery Cleaning

Auto interior upholstery cleaning is aimed at cleaning all upholstered parts of your car’s inside. This includes the ceilings, seats, floors, and any areas that are covered in fabrics or textiles yet have obtained residue, buildup, and dust. What makes our auto interior upholstery cleaning services more convenient and efficient, is that they’re brought directly to you! That means you can save time and money at the car wash and from having to use a one-size vacuum to reach all upholstered areas of your car. Furthermore, most car wash vacuums can’t remove stains from your upholstery, but we can!


Interior Hardware Cleaning

Interior hardware cleaning usually consists of cleaning your dashboard, stereo, air vents, and more. The areas in your car that tend to build up with noticeable dust over time or can become scratched – those are the areas we target! Interior hardware cleaning uses our specialty tools to reach in the smaller crevices and hard-to-reach areas where standard wipes usually cannot. We also help to remove any hard or dried buildup on the dashboard, screens, radio, cupholders, glove boxes, speakers, panels, and molding!


Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning can also be done for your car’s interiors. However, traditional leather cannot be cleaned with the same tools and cleaners that we would use to clean other forms of upholstery. Instead, we use specialty leather cleaning wipes for your leather interiors so that there are no streaks or stains that appear after cleaning. We can also offer you leather cleaning solutions and wipes for purchase, in case you want an easy way to keep your leather upholstery clean at all times or when we’re not around.


Mat Cleaning

Lastly, we also provide mat cleaning and shining. Depending on what type of mats you have in your car, some cannot be cleaned with upholstery cleaner, but instead, need to be scrubbed clean and waxed. We accommodate both types of car floor mats, removing stains and dust from upholstered ones while also shining and polishing hard mats. We also lift the car mats to clean underneath them and use our vacuums to reach back underneath your seats as well, where the car mat can easily put or move dirt back from under your seat. Once completed, we’ll give everything a nice wipe, dry, polish, and shine (if needed), so that you can be on your way to feeling comfortable in your clean car and driving smoothly without excessive dirt or dust buildup.